Houston Furniture Stores - Basset Furntire: Rejected damaged merchandize: no refund and 33% restocking fee

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I bought a storage bed from Basset Furniture company on 3625 Southwest Freeway

Houston and had it delivered.

When delivered, I examined the bed, then I rejected it because it was defective and poor quality.

Parts of the wood looked rotted and had broken off.

The entire support system of the bed looked really flimsy.

The middle of the bed is hollow with tiny particle board support.

It looked like it would easily break.

When I contacted the store I was told they would NOT give me a refund.

But that I could buy something else.

I was called by the manager of the store to come in an try to find something else.

Last Saturday, they suddenly began demanding a 33% restocking fee.

That's close to $500 for a bed that was defective!

Now I have no merchandize and I am out over $1500!

Review about: Chatham Storage Bed.

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